Using the eBay Product Analysis Widget

Using the eBay Product Analysis Widget

The eBay product analysis widget was built to help you with optimising your listings in bulk, saving you time and increasing the visibility of your listings in the eBay search. 

The benefits of using the eBay product analysis widget

Here are the main benefits of using the widget:
  1. It helps you stay compliant with eBay's listing policies and guidelines by alerting you to any missing or incorrect information in your listings.
  2. It allows you to identify and fix any issues with your listings before they become a problem, which can help you avoid any potential penalties or suspensions from eBay.
  3. It can save you time and effort by identifying missing information in bulk, rather than having to check each listing individually.
  4. It can help you improve the visibility and appeal of your listings, which can lead to more views and sales.
  5. It can help you optimize your listings for the eBay search engine, which can increase your ranking and improve the chances of your listings being seen by potential buyers.
  6. It can help you identify and correct any errors or inconsistencies in your listings, which can help you maintain a professional and trustworthy reputation on eBay.

Where can you find the widget?

The eBay Product Analysis widget can be found on your Dashboard, right under the eBay Listings widget

How to use the eBay Product Analysis widget?

Checking your listings:

First, you will have to click on the Check my products option in the widget to start a process that will check the listings that you have in Ad-lister.
This usually can take up to 5-30 minutes, depending on the number of listings you have in Ad-Lister.
After running the process, the widget will look more like this:

Edit your listings

By clicking on the highlighted number of products or options, you will be able to edit them in Bulk, saving you time and effort from having to go into each individual product. 
Example: - after clicking on "Bulk Edit"  under the missing recommended item specifics, you will be able to Bulk assign Item Specifics to your products per eBay category

Once you have added the Mandatory and Recommended item specifics, you can save the changes and continue editing products from different eBay categories.

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