Using Magento 2FA token based authentication

Using Magento 2FA token based authentication

If 2FA is enabled in your Magento 2 account, you can configure your Integration App connection, as follows:

I. On Magento

1. Sign in to your Magento 2 account as an administrator.
2. Enter the password for the correct authentication app.
3. From the left menu, click System > Extensions > Integrations.

4. Click Add new integration.

5. Below the General section enter Name, Email (optional), and Password.
6. In the left menu, click API.
7. From the Resource Access drop-down menu, select All.

NOTE: If you chose Custom, you can’t change the resources once the integration is created.
8. Click Save.
9. On the Integrations page, next to the newly created integration, click Activate.
10. On the Integration page, you can find the list of the resources, click Allow.
11. The Integration Token Details are generated. Save the token details somewhere in a document because you will need them when setting up the integration on Ad-Lister's side. 

12. Click Done

II. In Ad-Lister

1. Log into your Ad-Lister account
2. Go to Settings > Platforms > Magento
3. Tick the box in front of "Use 2FA"

4. And then copy the token details into the correct fields in Ad-Lister

5. Click Save on the bottom of the page
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