Inventory Subscriptions - Product Data feeds in Ad-Lister

Inventory Subscriptions - Product Data feeds in Ad-Lister

Product Data feeds in Ad-Lister

Once we have set up a product Data Feed connection, you will have to check the following settings:

Review the feed settings by clicking on Edit Options:

On the Subscription Options page you will be able to select what options you'd like the feed to update:

Further down you can update the SKU format, Title format, add a Default Listing template and Product type
You can also create some special rules based on the Tags that can be found in the feed

In the next section you can set up price markup rules, that will automatically price the products based on the formulas you set up for the price ranges:

Each connected platform can have its own price markup rules -such as Amazon, ManoMano and more. 

Further down you will find the Shipping mapping section and the stock rules:

Once you are done with setting up the feed settings, press save and proceed to the next step.

Subscribe to products on the feed - Select Inventory

After clicking Save on the previous page, you will be taken back to the Inventory Subscription page, where you will have to click on Select inventory.

Here you will be able to filter product to which you can then subscribe. 
After subscribing to products, they will show up on the Products page, with all the details taken form the feed. 

Please note:
- the feeds run once a day
- if you choose to add the "do not post" tag to the products, the feed will not automatically manage them
- you will have to get permission from your suppliers to use their data feeds

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