How to create new products and listings using Ad-Lister

How to create new products and listings using Ad-Lister

How to create new products and listings in Ad-Lister?

In order to create a new product in Ad-Lister, you can simply hover your mouse over Products (on the top menu) and click on Add product.

search on eBay's or Amazon's catalogue

Here you can simply type in a product identifier such as an EAN/UPC/ISBN, EPID, ASIN or keywords and press Enter or click Search and Ad-Lister will do the rest!

You can also use wildcards such as -. +, * when searching for products on eBay
-  Negative keyword
+ Search term
* any combination of any letters, numbers, or symbols can go here
Please note: You cannot use more than 3 search terms

Ad-Lister will search in Amazon's and eBays catalogue only if you have both platforms connected

Once you have found the product, you will be able to add it to your inventory by clicking on "Add and continue Editing".

Then you will be taken to the product Editing form, where you can customise details such as the title, description, you can add more item specifics and Amazon attributes. You will also have to add your own pricing and stock levels, and then you are all set to list the product on to different platforms!

Ad-Lister will import all the available information about the products form the catalogues such as:
  1. The platform specific titles
  2. The eBay/Amazon categories
  3. The description
  4. eBay Item Specifics
  5. Amazon Attributes
  6. A combination of eBay and Amazon Images
  7. Amazon Bulletpoints
  8. Search terms

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