How to connect your Shopify store with Ad-Lister

How to connect your Shopify store with Ad-Lister

2. After clicking on Add, you will see the following pop-up:


Here you will have to add the shop name into the "Shopify store name" box. 

If your Shopify admin URL is, then the store name you need to enter is wizardmagic

3. After clicking on Continue, you will be redirected to log in to your Shopify store, if you are already logged in, then you will be taken to the apps page, where you will have to click on install app

4. Click on Install app

After clicking on the Install button, you should see the following message, then click on Continue

5. Done!

Please note that the Shopify platform is available if you have freshly started a 14 Day trial or if you have the up to 3 or 5 platform license. If you cannot see the option to connect Shopify, please contact our support team. 

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