Connect Etsy with Ad-Lister

Connect Etsy with Ad-Lister

New Trial Customers will have the option on the start page to connect new platforms.

Here you can click on "Connect Etsy' and follow the setup process

For Existing customers, if your subscription covers the Etsy integration:

To link your Etsy store with Ad-Lister, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Ad-Lister account and navigate to the "Platforms" section. and click on Add under the Etsy logo:

2. Under "Etsy Platform Details," you will see a "Name" section. In this section, enter the Display Name of your store as you would like it to appear in Ad-Lister. This is the name that will be used to identify your store within the platform.

3. Next, you will see a "Shop Name" section. In this section, insert the shop name that is registered on Etsy. This is the name of your store as it appears on Etsy.

4. After entering the name of your store in both the "Name" and "Shop Name" sections, click on the "Get new Token Credentials" button. This will initiate the authorization process for Ad-Lister to access your Etsy store.

5.  You will be redirected to Etsy, where you will be prompted to allow access to Ad-Lister. Click on "Allow Access" to authorize Ad-Lister to connect to your store.

6. After authorizing Ad-Lister, you will receive a verification code. This code will be displayed on the Etsy website. Please type this code into the "Type in your verification Token" field in Ad-Lister and click on "Obtain Token Credentials".

7. After clicking "Obtain Token Credentials", your Etsy store is now connected to Ad-Lister. You can now start listing products and managing your store within Ad-Lister.

It's important to note that, in order to connect Ad-Lister to your Etsy store, you must have an active Etsy account and have at least one active listing in your store. If you have any issues connecting your store, please contact the Ad-Lister support team for assistance.
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