Ad-Lister patch 1.8.4

Ad-Lister patch 1.8.4

New Features deployed in patch 1.8.4

The Process Manager 

The Process Manager is located under Tools & Reports in the top menu, and was added to help you see all the various Jobs/Processes that are running on your Ad-Lister account.
You can see what jobs were started by which users and how many listings/products were modified. 

You can also click on the Watch button next to every job that is running to get an email notification once the job finishes or gets cancelled.
Don't know which products go modified? Download a list of product IDs that were a part of the Job so you can double check the products on the Ad-Lister UI. Read More

The User Manager

Another important add-on is the User Manager - it allows you to invite members of your team to join Ad-Lister so you can work together when it comes to creating and listing new products. 

The interface allows you to set well defined user roles and invite new members to help you grow your product inventory and set up various parts of your account. Read More

Onbuy Updates

- visual updates
- product link added to the Onbuy Listing (View Listing)

Shopify Updates

- Shopify Platform page updates
- visual updates
- product link added to the Shopify Listing (View Listing)

Posting to Amazon - Selling partner API update 1/3

The switch to the Selling Partner API is slowly rolling out, we've added new elements and features when it comes to listing products that already have ASINs on Amazon
- Added the ability to scan Amazon for the product ASIN using the EAN numbers 
- Added the Amazon Attributes page
- Updated the Bulk Edit Amazon Details Page
- Updated the Amazon import - it now imports more details
- Auto-job when first connecting Amazon with Ad-Lister - scans for existing listings on your Amazon account and links them with products available in Ad-Lister 

Top Menu Changes

The top menu underwent some changes as well:
- we've added the My Products and My listings options in the drop-downs
- we've moved the Platforms to Settings
- renamed Designs to eBay Designs (since it is only used for eBay)
- renamed Product Upload to Import

eBay Promoted Listings

The promoted listings add-on received some love as well:
- we've added new reports to the add-on
- UI fixes
- added new helpers
- added filter to show products that are not currently promoted at all

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